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Keyless Entry Options

Keyless Entry Options
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If you hate being weighed down with keys, you will be happy to know more about the options that are available to you for keyless entry. If you are still using a key to open your car door, you may do so because you fear the possibility of your automatic key not working. This is a valid concern. However, for the convenience of being able to carry a simple key fob, people are willing to take the risk. Locksmith Berwyn offers a variety of keyless options to its customers. The key fob is only one of the most commonly used today.

High Tech Keyless Entry Options

Keyless Entry OptionsSince we already mentioned the key fob, it may be a good idea to learn more about what it is. The key fob is a small electronic security device. You simply wave the device in front of the access point and you are then able to gain access without ever inserting a key. The key fob is often used in place of a key because of the level of security it offers.

Most people today have a smartphone. It’s almost impossible for some people to function without one. You are able to do a lot of day to day tasks with this type of phone, including opening doors. If you have a Bluetooth enabled phone, it can be programmed to open your door as well. A passcode is programmed into it and then it communicates with your home device so that you can lock your door from inside of your house with no need to be around the door. You do not have to be home to use the smartphone keyless entry option.

Finally, the most high tech of all of the keyless entry choices is something you may have never imagined; using your fingerprint to gain entry. With biometric locks your fingerprint is scanned and a numerical algorithm is created to help identify you. Entry is possible only if your fingerprint is recognized. This is something you see performed in lots of high security buildings. Now, the average person can use this same method of entry for their home. A professional locksmith will be able to discuss your keyless options in detail so that you can find one to suit your needs.

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